The Short And Tragic Life Of Robert Peace: Character Analysis

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What is a tragic hero? A tragic hero a person of high rank or quality that suffers a downfall as a result of his or her tragic flaw. These main characters Robert Peace( The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace- Hobbs) , Macbeth ( Shakespeare) and Okonkwo ( Chinua Achebe) were the tragic heros in their own story. Each character started off doing simple task then evolved into doing things that were much bigger that came with a consequence along the way. These men built character amongst themselves once they had to come face to face with their own internal conflict and to reality. All three men hit a point in their lives where they had to make choices that would cause them to be in fear or be in pitty. In The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace -Hobbs we learn alot about the main character Robert “Rob” Peace. Robert Peace, was a straight A student with a good …show more content…

Robert lived in two different worlds Yale Student vs. His own life. “In college and after he’d always seemed to live in a world above the one in which my own various troubles caused.” (Pg.258 Chapter: 11) During his college years Rob played the role of desperate, struggling, paranoid, not-too-bright hustler once every couple weeks. But Robs desperate attempts to make money caused him to make some dangerous choices that came with consequences. “Once you get in, it 's hard to get out.” (Chapter: 9 Pg. 228) Robert had to face some difficult challenges along the way that involved him getting involved with people who were dangerous and sneaky. In order to make money he went through jobs quickly so he could earn money he also sold pot and guns just to get by. However things seemed to be mentally easy for him especially when it came to running the streets and selling weed on the side. Those who really knew Robert knew he always had a plan when it came to his life and who he wanted

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