The Similarities Between The Economies Of The North And Southern States

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North & South

There was an invention that changed life in both the North and the South, but in very different ways. Whitney a Northerner living in the South had already noticed differences between the two areas, so it was not a surprise to him. Northerners and Southerners were both American Citizens sharing an aggressive pride in their country. These two areas were both very different in their economies, societies, and transportation systems.

Geography in the North had a wide variety of climates, from Maine to Iowa. All the states in the North experienced four distinct seasons. The New England coast has hundreds of bays and coves that are great for use as harbors. Boston became busy seaports because of fishing and ship building. The North goes from freezing winters to hot summers. Unlike the North, the South states go through mild winters and very long humid summers. The South is a great place for raising warm weather crops. Because it rains a lot there resulting in a long growing season. …show more content…

Southerners worked on their own little farms, but plantation owners used slaves to help grow cash crops. Such as tobacco, rice, sugarcane, and indigo. During the early 1790s the use of slaves had started to reduce, Europeans were unhappy with the high prices of tobacco and rice. Farmers in the South wanted to expand the amount of land and slaves, so they started looking for fresh fertile soil. In 1850 cotton plantations had stretched from the Atlantic coast to Texas. The number of slaves in the South went up from 500,000 to more than three million. In the North types of machines were causing change, this was the idea behind the Industrial Revolution. Francis Cabot Lowell was the one that brought the machines to the North. Using them to spin cotton into thread and weave the thread into cloth. This was the invention that made goods cheaper and more

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