The Simpson And George Hudson Merger

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In 1821 the Hudson’s Bay Company and North West Company merged under the name of The Hudson’s Bay Company, ending years of rivalry for dominance of the fur trade. This happened because neither one of these 2 companies could grow because all their effort was put in competing with each other to be at the top rather than trying to enhance their own company’s. With this merge came a competent controller, George Simpson. He was very authoritative in everything he said and did with the company.

Prior to the merge in 1821, the North West Company and Hudson Bay company had a strife with each other to be the best fur trade company. These feelings were put aside when desperate times called. There was a great deal of competition between the two and the fur supply was cutting down. This was a problem for the companies. Also the fact that there were 2 companies, each was making less money. These facts gave the idea of combining the 2 to make one big company instead of losing money from competing constantly. …show more content…

He did not know much about furs but he knew how to run a trading company. George was a very critical man who handled things personally no matter how long the voyage. He kept a close eye on everything that was happening and made sure it was done right. He often made surprise appearances to check up on the workers. In fort Garry the metis and white settlers worked together and they needed each other to survive. This was disturbed when Georges British wife came to Canada and introduced the class system. Until then everyone was getting a long

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