The Sins Of John Proctor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Sins of John Proctor
John Proctor

John proctor, a quiet, yet respected member of the community in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, commits many sins such as lust, wrath, and pride. First, John’s foolish past comes back to haunt him when Abigail Williams brings up memories of their past love life, showing John to be a lustful and unloyal husband. When John goes into town to see what all the talk is about a flying girl. Abigail, Who is still in love with John, brings up past memories of the things they did together. John tells her “Abby, I never gave you hope to wait for me.” (Miller. 1. 539-540). In committing these actions with Abigail John cheated on his wife and used Abigal purely for pleasure and gave her false hope that there was a connection between the two of them. Furthermore, John is filled with anger when Mary Warren goes against his word and tells him she will …show more content…

When Mary Warren comes home after being gone all day John is furious and tells her she is no longer allowed to go to town, Mary informs John that she will be gone every day because she is an important member of the court. Her misbehavior and disregarding of what John said he becomes enraged and Yells at her, saying “I’ll whip the devil out of you!” (Miller. 2. 416). This shows that Jon is a person that demands respect and control, but it also shows that he has a short temper. Finally, When john is asked to sign the paper proving his confession to witchcraft he is to prideful to put that title on his name. When John confesses to witchcraft Judge Danforth tells him to sign his name on the statement so they could nail it on the door of the church as an example for the town. John doesn’t want this to be associated with his good name. Danforth asks John why he will not sign and John tells him “Because it’s my

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