The Spanish American War: The Cause Of The Spanish American War

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Throughout history there have been many wars in which different parties were fighting for either freedom or territory and in the Spanish American War both Spain and the United States were in conflict for both. The Spanish American War began in April 1898 and ended August 1898 which was a brief rivalry between Spain and the United States that led to the death of three hundred and seventy-nine Americans . The United States found themselves intervening in Cuba’s fight for independence against Spain after President McKinley and the queen of Spain tried their best to keep a war from even happening. This has changed the countries future which some may say that it was a worthy entity or others thought it was a bad thing. As a result, they did indeed …show more content…

They gained control of colonies including the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico but had to pay twenty million dollars for the islands . They also proved that they were not afraid to fight against other nations. The Treaty of Paris was signed on December 10, 1898 which was sanctioned on February 6, 1899 . Whitelaw Reid convinced his peers to agree with the settlement presented. At the initial conference Eugenio Montero Rios bestowed protested against the permission of the Spanish attacks . The treaty guaranteed Cuba’s independence and forced Spain to surrender control of Puerto Rico, Philippine’s and Guam. After the United states bought the Philippines, the Filipinos who was led by Emilio Aguinaldo rebelled against the Americans because they felt like they were being sustained . Subsequently after, all this win for the United States helped start businesses in Cuba and other places. America enriched Cuba’s education systems and their country as a whole. Research shows that this was an inexpensive war and a turning point for American …show more content…

They decided to join after the explosion of the Battleship Maine and also the seen the power advances if they won. The yellow journalism did not make it any better with their manipulated public opinions which were mostly fiction. The year of 1898 was the beginning of the United States imperialistic views in which they seen after they won. With their newly gained control of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines they started to improve their businesses and took more control over them. They helped improved Cuba’s sugar production and education system. The citizens of Cuba were no longer being overtaxed. One may surmise that upon extensive research of the Spanish American War it turned out to be a turning point in history for the United States in which we gained new territories and respect as a

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