The Star-Spangled Banner Summary

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The American culture is demonstrated throughout the museum’s exhibits of the “The Star-Spangled Banner”, “Food Transforming the American Table”, “The First Ladies”, “Within The Walls” and “General Motors Hall of Transportation” as a patriotic, driven, determined and tenacious country that has fought and worked courageously to be in the position of power it is today. The flag represents freedom and nationalism to the American people. Since the flag raised on 1814, it has served as an inspiration and personal identity to them; because of this event Francis Scott Key decided to write “The Star-Spangled Banner” which is nowadays the nation’s anthem. One of the biggest subjects that exposes the culture itself is the food. America has a significant …show more content…

The television star Julia Child allowed Americans to understand the joy of cooking and the passion to not only make food but take advantage of the “ways” the French had to experience a more delightful meal. Her television show along with the books that she made helped the people see cooking as “an immerse pleasure and a true creative outlet”. During the 1960’s she also introduced another tradition from the French cuisine which was drinking wine while having a meal. Julia Child promoted changes in food and the way kitchens were built as well. She believed that there had to be a place for everything, her kitchen had different drawers to put the materials, tools and equipment placed in particular areas and work surfaces so that she was able to cook having the right amount of space depending on what she was doing. Her approach to kitchen making changed the way Americans cooked forever. Other countries now followed this model and it created another advance in terms of industrial work. In the exhibition, food distribution is also connected with the highway construction on 1956, soon the progression of food delivery service arose along with supermarkets. People started grocery shopping and cooking meals on a daily basis at home using products from scratch. However, this began to change because frozen TV dinners were created and

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