The Struggle For Freedom In Anne Bradstreet's Life

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No immodest clothing, no disobeying God, no playing with toys, and no enslaving others. These were just some of the rules that Anne Bradstreet had to follow through the Puritan religion. The overpowering strength of the church made it hard for the citizens in the new world to be creative. Anne Bradstreet took the liberty of going away from the normal rules of the church and being an individual.
Anne Bradstreet did not live the normal life of a commoner in England. Born in 1612, Anne was born of Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke. Her father worked for Queen Elizabeth and found Anne a husband through the work of the crown. Simon Bradstreet was a graduate from Cambridge University. Simon and Anne wed in 1628 at the ages of 25 and 16. They lived in England until 1630, then they proceeded to make the ambitious journey to the New World.
Upon coming to the new world, Anne grew more into the love of writing. She slowly made it so that she was making small rebellious differences in her writing from the norm. One could almost compare her rebellious moves to the ways Amy Schumer is now. The way women were supposed to speak back then was different than the way that Anne was speaking, and the way that Amy speaks now is the way that is …show more content…

Looking back into history, a Puritan woman had far more restrictions than modern day woman. Women who lived in the Puritan times were not allowed as many things as the men. The few things they were allowed to do was to get married, have children and take care of the house. Puritan women were not allowed to be as involved in the church as the men were. They were told to listen to their husband and to love them no matter what. This is shown in the poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband”. Normally in the Puritan religion, people wrote about their love for God, not their love for their husband. But that did not stop Anne from doing what she felt she did

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