The Supernatural In Jane Eyre

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The supernatural is referring to all the unusual events that take place. In Jane Eyre, we have some incidents of that sort. For example when she thought that her uncle came to revenge her because Mrs. Reed did not treated her well, the thought that Gytrash was approaching to her, when the gypsy predicted her future and described her personality, when the chestnut tree, under which Mr. Rochester and Jane proclaimed their love was struck by lightning, the moment when she had a premonitory dream right before her wedding, or when, when she heard Mr. Rochester calling for her. Being imprisoned in the Reed Room, her childish mind made her perceiving the things around her in a supernatural perspective. The streak of light that stopped on her head made her think of Mr. Reed`s spirit who, awaken by her suffering, came to avenge his niece. Now, as a grown up, she can say that the light might have been from a lantern carried by a servant. The Gytrash episode happened when she was already an adult, when she first met Mr. Rochester. Gytrash is a mystical creature, who haunted solitary paths and appeared in front of the belated travellers. `Gytrash- a lion-like creature with long hair and huge head` (Bronte, 112). Nevertheless, once again the mystery is dissolved, as Mr. Rochester rode the creature, something that had never happened before. The nineteenth chapter is about the meeting between Jane and the gypsy, who was actually Mr. Rochester in disguise. The fortune teller said
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