The Theme Of Isolation In The Book 'Al Capone Does My Shirts'

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Have you ever felt alone or isolated from the world? Well from being in middle school, I’ve learned that some people feel as if the world revolved around them. They do things they never would’ve done. Yet, they still do it just to try to fit in the crowd. From many experiences, I have learned that it’s ok to not be with the crowd since the crowd isn’t always the best option. Although, many times I feel isolated and as if no one will catch me if I fall. This relates to some people in the book Al Capone Does My Shirts written by Gennifer Choldenko.
Mrs. Flanagan has problems throughout the whole story. For example, on pages 192-194 , it seems that she feels isolated from her family when Moose is trying to get her to accept the facts that Natalie isn’t a child anymore. Most parents are …show more content…

For instance, on pages 179-185, Natalie was just sitting there drawings the moon cycle and then all of a sudden she starts having a miniature tantrum from having Piper knock on the door. Then, as if by instinct Moose yelled “NATALIE OUTSIDE”. When outside Natalie calms and turns to find 105. The tantrums keep Natalie isolated in her own world. She can’t control them completely.
Moose is also isolated in his own world. He has to take care of Natalie, wrangle Piper, not get in trouble, and the list goes on. For one thing, Piper is a big antagonist is this story. On pages 181-182, Piper might’ve been the reason why Natalie had her tantrum. She was the one who caused Moose more trouble than he needed. Likewise, Scout is another problem since he wants a con baseball on pages 143-146. Also, on pages 135-139 Moose has to wrangle up Piper and Scout who are lovesick and break them apart. Moose has many things to wrangle throughout the story.
In the story, Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko, not just the tons of prisoners felt isolated. Many of the characters many isolated as well like Mrs. Flanagan, Moose, Natalie,

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