The Whole Food Movement

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To improve the overall health of our society, should Americans embrace the whole food movement, the potential benefits of processed foods or some other solution altogether? In our society most people choose to eat processed food instead of whole food. They prefer to eat processed food because it is much more cheaper than whole food. Whole foods are not cheap because the farmers don’t use chemicals when they are raising the plants. I think processed foods are unhealthy because people around the world getting extra fat and some kind of illnesses. Processed food is causing some kind of illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Freedman and Pollan addressed gave some solutions of how processed food should improve in our society. Pollan states we should make everything natural and…show more content…
According to Michael Pollan, “A hallmark of the Western diet is food that is fast, cheap, and easy. Americans spend less than 10 percent of their income on food; they also spend less than hour a day preparing meals and little more than an hour enjoying them”(425). Basically, Michael Pollan is saying that we should spend more time when we are preparing our meal. I think we should try to buy vegetables from stores and cook it by ourselves instead of buying fast and cheap food from the stores. If we prepare our own meal it would be much healthier than getting processed from the stores. I think everyone should try to spend more time on cooking foods at home so they can eat organic food than what they are eating every day. For example, there is a fast foods in McDonald’s which is delicious it takes less than a minute to prepare it, which is bad and unhealthy for today’s society . In David H. Freedman’s words, “The food they’re cooking is making people sick, Pollan has said of big companies. It is one of the reasons that we have the obesity and diabetes epidemics that we do. If you’re going to let industries decide how much salt, sugar, and fat is
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