The Women's Strike For Equality In The Civil Rights Movement Of 1964

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From the start of human existence people were destined to be different whether it be by race, gender or color. However history has shown that this uniqueness has lead to the judgement of these attributes not their celebration. The law should not agree with this, but sadly it does. Human race has not yet gotten past this hump of legality, but they must in order to keep living in peace. Society as a whole should not feel the discrimination that they do, but rather the commemorator of them. People are only recognized for the bad qualities in themselves by society, government, and a huge majority of the world. Never has there been a world where everyone has equality. Every citizen’s equal rights should be legally recognized and if they don’t,…show more content…
Receiving such brutality from the whites, such as getting beaten in restaurants and getting sprayed with very powerful hoses on the streets. They participate in acts for their equality. Many can not forget the Montgomery Bus Boycott where the blacks refused to ride the buses. In doing this they were treated absolutely awful, but they did it to receive equality. The Women’s Strike for Equality also exemplifies participating in all actions for equal rights. In these years women were never treated equally with men. In an effort to increase women’s political influence and be equal with men in the workforce, the Women’s Strike for Equality had women in the work field stop working. Again, like in the Civil Rights Movement, they wanted equality among all women. Doing these protests increased the rights for women. Finally in Sophocles play, “Antigone” the main character believed all people should be equal no matter what they are or what they have done. In this tragedy, her brother, Polyneices, was left in the fields for allegedly committing treason. He was to not be buried…show more content…
Legalizing people’s rights will bring us further to that change that must be made. People are allowed to express their free rights when equal rights are legalized. A major point many will know is that of gay marriage. These people fought many years for the chance to marry who they love. In many states it was allowed, but not until recently has the ability to marry who you please been allowed in the entire nation. They are now able to express their equal rights and marry their love no matter the gender. Another point is the ability to vote for all genders, races, etc. When voting first came about, only white males were able to vote. In the year of 1870, the 15th amendment was changed to grant African American males to vote for their country. When this happened, they were able to make a change in the presidency election voicing their opinion. Then in 1920, women were acknowledged changing the 19th amendment allowing them to vote as well. But it wasn’t until 1971 when the 26th amendment was made to deny no one over the age of 18 eligible to vote. By doing this they indicated their free rights. Finally, we have the ability to have celebrations based on your culture. People are allowed to celebrate holidays, traditions, etc. that are focused around their culture or heritage. For Muslims, they can celebrate the holiday of Eid. For

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