Theme Of The Jacket

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Insecurity is the feeling of anxiousness and feeling self-conscious about one’s physical characteristics. In Gary Soto’s short story “The Jacket,” the main character says, “ I heard the buzz-buzz of gossip and even laughter that I knew was meant for me. And so I went, in my guacamole-colored jacket.” The boy with the ugly jacket feels insecure about his outward appearance because of the cruel laughter and judgement others are revealing and also tries to hide himself from the unwanted attention. Soto uses literary elements to express the hatred the boy felt towards the jacket, symbols to show that he was embarrassed of his culture and he wishes he had clothing like his other peers, and conflict to impact the way others viewed him to support the overarching theme: Focusing on the small things can distract one from the important things that matter. First, the literary element in “The Jacket” supports the overarching theme “Focusing on the small things can distract one from the important things that matter.” The boy is met with an ugly green jacket that his Mom bought for him for his middle school year. The boy’s confidence has vanished because his clothing didn’t meet the popular kids clothing standards. The boy blames his mother for buying a jacket that did not meet his expectations and hopes. He believes that the gossip and loneliness at school was because of his physical appearance and unpopular clothes. The boy with the ugly jacket, says, “I blame that jacket for for

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