Woodrow Wilson Analysis

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Although both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson both were progressives, they used their powers in the federal government pretty differently from each other. Roosevelt often used the “bully pulpit” as a way to acquire his ambitions and goals as president. He was commonly known for using, and possibly overusing, his power as the president to get many laws and acts passed. Oppositely, Wilson made sure to get the approval of Congress before acting out of hand. However, both made sure that the old “invisible hand” economy was abolished by the necessary intervention of the federal government in the US economy. Of course, they differed in what they wanted the government to pursue under them, but as Roosevelt once said and Wilson most definitely…show more content…
So much so that many women protested and condemned him for being against them during his campaign in 1916 (document 5). However, after World War 1 ended, with the assistance of women in factories, Wilson changed his mindset and decided to fight for the rights of women, saying to Congress, “We have made partners of the women in this war…Shall we admit them only to a partnership of suffering and sacrifice and toil and not to a partnership of privilege and right?” Eventually, the nineteenth amendment was passed in 1920, giving women suffrage. Although war generally brings misfortune upon people, it was actually the reason for women in the US gaining suffrage. Had their not been a war, women would not have proved their capability to work as men did in factories for the good of their…show more content…
For Roosevelt, he often acted by himself, diminishing the need for the government a tiny bit. The government, under Roosevelt, became one that helped conserve the land of the US for future generations and managed monopolies. Under Wilson, the government meant to help the general economy of the United States and improve the rights of women. Of course, each president served the US in a different era. Both pursued the need for progression of the economy. Yet, Wilson is generally considered a greater president than Roosevelt. Because of World War 1, Wilson is more well known for helping his country in the time of war rather than Roosevelt in his time of peace. Albeit messed up, a president is better known during times of war because there is more conflict. Because the government under Wilson dealt with the war well, he has become a more famous president than Roosevelt. It just goes to show that different presidents and governments under them will react and change depending on the circumstances of the times and how the people around them think. In short, the federal government of the United States isn’t dependent on the president’s administration but what the people of the country require and need it to be and do. After all, a country is made up of its people. “Liberty has never come from Government. Liberty has always come from
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