Theodore Roosevelt Openness

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In the year of a presidential election every informed citizen has to make a choice. They must choose which qualities and which stances they want our president to have. This leads to a large divide among many citizens. Many citizens will look at only the candidates party and not consider their actual focus. It is my belief that our president must focus on his/her citizens, focus on being trustworthy, and focus on his communication. By focusing on healthcare, unemployment, and creating opportunity our president can ensure that he helps the majority of citizens. Perhaps the most valuable of Theodore Roosevelt’s New Deal programs was the social security act which provided government aid for millions of Americans following the depression (Sitkoff p. 78). This focus on the well-being of his citizens has allowed Roosevelt to become one of America’s most revered progressive…show more content…
Several citizens have been quoted saying that it seemed as if FDR was sitting across from them during these chats. By being open to his people’s concerns FDR was able to connect with his citizens and gain their trust, which was previously shaken. Another president, Abraham Lincoln is always quoted as “never telling a lie.” Every citizen looks upon these qualities favorably. No one is going to criticize a leader for being honest or talking to his citizens. The American President should focus on representing himself as a trustworthy and caring person. In his article in Organization Science, Robert Shamir mandates that being consistent to oneself and one’s own values allows a leader to be truthful to his/her populace. An inconsistent leader must lie at one point or another, and these lies will be evident in their history. Inconsistency must be avoided at all costs as the populace will become weary no longer trust their

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