Theories Of Bowen Family Systems Theory

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SWD 5105: Skills in Advanced Social Work Practice (not more than 1200 words)

Bowen Family Systems Theory (The Bowen Center)
This theory is the belief that we individuals are products of our own systems rather than be seen in isolation. There is always an explanation on why people behave or act in a certain way. Our relationship with our family members and the experience we had since birth all play a part to shape who we are now. I will be elaborating on the 2 main concepts of this theory.
When 2 individuals start to face issues and conflicts, there is a tendency that a third person will come into the picture in an attempt to reduce the tension. In the long run, the tension from this triangulation relationship may contribute to the development of clinical problems in the long run. For example, if parents are too involved in their conflicts, young children may start to act out and some may even develop ADHD. These behaviors are believed to be a self-defense mechanism and social workers should pick up these signs to address the children’s emotional needs.
Differentiation of Self
One’s level of differentiation is reflected by their ability to think rationally despite being placed in emotionally charged situations. A highly differentiated person will not be easily affected by others’ opinions and is less pressured to conform to the rest. Knowing the level of differentiation allows us to know their level of functioning and affects the way we intervene. For example,
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