Theory Of Transnationalism

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1 INTRODUCTION In an attempt to better understand the current global state of the contemporary era, an investigation on Globalisation through the topic of Transnationalism will be conducted within this essay. A descriptive analysis on the theory of Transnationalism will follow, with relation to the chosen artefact in order to better understand the global sphere of social media with relation to the cultural implications thereof. The social video chat website Omegle will provide a relative and integrated example of the theory behind Transnationalism as well as its overarching reach within Globalisation. Communication by means of the internet will be the backbone of this investigation, especially within recent technological developments that…show more content…
The formation of ‘virtual public spheres’ result in digital communication platforms that inhibit globally accessible information and digital social structures that inherently intersect as virtual communities or subcultures. Evolving into a virtually real state of online consciousness and presence within digital space, in part, exactly like one’s physical existence; though excluding the limitations of your geographic location (Virtual Public P-55). In order to understand the scope of the current global situation, the social media website Omegle will serve as a base for understanding the magnitude of current global exchange as well as the interactivity between cultures resulting thereof. In context, Omegle can be seen as a virtual communications platform that enables the user to interact with anybody, anywhere in the world. The moment the user logs onto the site, they are prompted to connect with ‘strangers’ and interact with them either through a text based system, or via their webcam. The website then randomly connects to other users streaming the video from both ends in order…show more content…
(Virtual Public Spheres) Omegle therefore serves as an exemplary example of exactly what being a Transnational individual entails. Users immediately enter a Transnational digital environment the moment they log onto the website, exposing themselves to the world in a very personal and immediate fashion. The aspect of identity is momentarily established as communication about their physical location is brought into consideration. This immediately results in cultural interactions, as each individuals pre-knowledge of the other users geographic location promptly affects their attitude towards the other user. This does not however take precedence over the person themselves as race and gender is nearly always the first considered aspect before entering conversation with another user. Omegle does however provide the user with a button that allows them to reconnect to a different, random user, which does grant a sense of control within the situation. Transnationalism focuses on the connections of individuals and their interactions with different people from different cultures across borders(Vertovec Jayne Ref). Globalisation has numerous different aspects relating to the universality of a global sphere, accessible to mass population by means of the internet for example. It has diminished state boundaries as goods, information ,

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