Theory Of Utilitarianism

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. According to the theory of utilitarianism, Rescue 1 is supposed to ignore the single person who is exposed to some disaster and move one to rescue the five people who are exposed to some danger due to the tides that are about to hit them. Utilitarianism indicates that best actions in life are those that are known to maximize utility. The utility, in this case, is a description of the sum total of the well-being of human beings (Lazari, Katarzyna, and Peter pg. 18). In his case, there is added utility in rescuing five people than rescuing one person. Five lives are more worth than one life and thus Rescue 1 should go ahead with their mission to make sure that they save the five people before the tides strike. It might seem inhuman to leave …show more content…

Mills explanation on utilitarianism is a bit contradicting in the manner it describes utility as a measure of whether something is good or not. The explanation that the best thing is the one that has maximum utility has the capabilities of producing devastating effects in the society as some people will end up getting involved in evil things to generate additional utility for their selfish gains. It does not work well when some people end up taking advantage of other situation to benefit themselves since because they are moral provisions that allow them to do so. Most touching is the case where the welfare of some people is overlooked for the purpose of making sure that the welfare of the majority is improved without paying attention to the suffering sustained by the minor category that is being oppressed. The categorical imperative explanation by Kant has some weaknesses in that a person is given the choice to determine what activities they should involve in their life to achieve their intended goals. This means that human beings are allowed to engage in evil activities so long as they will finally attain their goals in life. It should be understood that the evil deeds involved have far-reaching consequences that are suffered by some members of the society and thus this is totally unacceptable. It would have been good if the explanation is specific to indicate that human beings are only allowed to choose between the acceptable deeds in the society in all their efforts to make their lives successful. This is the only way to make sure that rights of all members of the community are taken care of and respected are required. This is also a good way to enhance co-existence within a society to make sure that conflicts are always

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