Nursing Career Essay

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Having a career in nursing can be very exciting and rewarding. My Aunt Audrey was the first Beard to enter the medical field. When I told her I was finishing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Toledo to get my certification in nursing, her face lit up like a Christmas tree during the holidays. Not only was she proud of me but my parents couldn’t be happier. It is a blessing having parents that support my dreams. They’ve sacrificed so much just for me to be here. For Christmas, my mother got me an ornament that says nurse Candice on it, and I was so speechless. All my life I was infatuated with science and the human body. I never thought I’d make it this far due to all the obstacles put in my path but, with hard work and dedication, …show more content…

Nursing takes on a nurturing role.3Nurses use this form of communication as a technique to provide support and information to patients. It is often the nurse 's job to make sure the patient feels comforted and cared for. Apart of showing a patient that you care involves sharing humor, which promotes active communication. 4 Contributes to feelings of togetherness, closeness, and friendliness. Feeling close to someone is an incredible sensation since nurses visit several patients a day so, that promotes patient value. Along with sharing humor, Nurses can help patient’s express feelings by observing. Touching is a good way to show comfort. It could be a touch on the shoulder, the back, or even hand holding. Mirroring is a perfect skill nurses can use to uplift a patient and change their mood. Mirroring is mimicking the motions of another, but it’s done without the other person knowing that they are following your lead. In this case, the goal is to get the patient to follow the lead of the nurse as he or she changes their body position to a more upright position that shows positivity. Verbal and nonverbal communication play a role in therapeutic communication, often as techniques. The relationship is based on mutual trust and respect being sensitive to self …show more content…

Growing up I always wanted to become a nurse. Nursing runs in the family on both my mom and dad’s side. In less than two years I will officially be a certified nurse. It is important to understand my field requires certain communication skills, so our patients receive ultimate satisfaction. Teamwork involves working with multiple people to ensure the maximum patient success. Being in the medical field, you have to collaborate with various people from doctors, EMTs, to nurses. It’s important to communicate with everyone on the team to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Therapeutic communication is used to make sure all the needs of the patients are met. Non-verbal skills are to ensure our patients feel relaxed and respected. Those non-verbal skills are what’s crucial for indicating the overall experience. The doctor can come in and diagnosis a patient with no problem but, if a patient doesn’t feel respected, that satisfaction is gone, and most likely the patient won’t return. All of these skills combined will guarantee full patient satisfaction. The most important thing in the medical field is the patients. Our job is to make sure they leave feeling better physically and to leave a mental imprint of greatness, so they’ll always come

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