Therapist Vulnerability

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Hispanic woman in her thirties recently struggling with alcohol and drug addiction since the loss of her job. Client has been living in this country for a few years and married to American-born citizen for fifteen years old. Husband travels frequently for his job which makes for little time together. The client has not attempted to make friends and feels alone. Client has made mention of waiting to go to sleep permanently. Husband has been concerned for wife’s safety and has brought her into therapy for assistance. Initial Introduction Each therapist develops their own personal style and how they gain rapport with their clients. There is a different level of urgency that arises in a therapist when a client comes in experiencing a crisis than those that are not experiencing a crisis. A client with a current crisis is looking for relief and validation without judgements. It is crucial for a therapist to present a safe, peaceful and nonjudgmental environment to gain the trust of the client. When working with a crisis client, the therapist may have more of a challenge to obtain eye contact whereas a client that is not in crisis may feel ashamed. There is always a level of uncertainty with both the therapist and client in the first few initial meetings. The client may be wondering if they will be judged or accepted. Vulnerability is …show more content…

It is imperative for a therapist to be simply present during a client session instead of focusing on what theoretical approach to take or what interventions may work. Smiling and using verbal and nonverbal cues to let the client know that you are listening and are able to empathize with their struggles. Sometimes using humor with the appropriate client may assist with developing the therapeutic relationship. Skillfully using self disclosure in order to let the client know that you empathize with them can be

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