Thesis On Year Round Sports

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Owen Ferreri
Mr. Radin
English 11-2 Period 5
11th May 2023 Year Round Sports (Hook) Many Americans have fallen into the belief that success in athletics can only be achieved from prioritizing a singular sport during a whole athletic career. . ( topic sentence) American youth shouldn’t be confined to only participating in one sport. (Background info) Children often are influenced to spend their early athletic years participating in just one singular sport. Many children are never given an option about their participation in sports, as their parents make that decision for them. (Thesis) America’s Youth have been directly impacted by year round sports as it has created a loss if interest in their favorite sport prior to even reaching …show more content…

(Assertion However, many people feel that the overexhaustion athletes may experience can be avoided with proper strength training and finding the right opportunities to succeed. Millions of Americans are unaware and often misunderstand the opportunities available,as it was found by the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons found that “Youth sports in the United States is now a $15 billion industry. There are seemingly endless opportunities for club-level teams, personal coaches, and training technologies to help kids excel at their chosen sport” ( Lewis 1). The results of this study provided how fortunate Americans are to have access to such a unexpectedly successful youth sports industry. One of the main solutions Americans seem to take for granted in preventing overexhaustion is strength training. According to former university of Wisconsin strength coach Scott Hettenback, “Strength training year-round can help with motor skills and create a foundation for proper movements, which then improves overall athleticism”(Koester 1). Those opposed to the participation of singular year round sports often state that athletes will most certainly face overexhaustion. Thanks to Scotts findings, One of the most uncomplicated solutions to this problem is simply strength training. Receiving the proper strength training will allow for the advancement of young athletes athleticism in all aspects of their desired sport. The overall improvement of athleticism …show more content…

One of the main reasons for the advocation of participating in multiple sports yearly is due to the highly diminished chance of facing injuries. According to Tommy John, a sports chiropractor and author of Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance: A Sports Parent’s Survival Guide, states that “Playing one single sport isn’t a balanced situation. It causes excessive repetitive stress to certain areas and overtrains certain muscles while undertraining others” (John 1). (Explanation #3). The repetitive stress of utilizing certain muscles year round has led to everlasting affects many athletes are unable to overcome. This has led to many athletes seeking constant medical attention from chiropractors. This discovery by Tommy John has allowed for many skilled chiropractors to recommend to their clients the everlasting affects they may experience from specializing one sport. Along with chiropractors, similar career paths such as doctors have found a manageable solution to repetitive stress on young athletes muscles. The Leners Children Pavillion believes that “if they (Young Athletes) love baseball, they play that sport for two seasons. The other two seasons, they participate in recreational or organized sports that don't involve overhead throwing, so they give their arm a rest”. (Lerners 1). Many people are left wondering

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