Thesis Statement Against Gay Adoption

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Gay adoption is the adoption of children by same sex couples. Based on this topic, I’d like to look into the question “Are children adopted by gay parents more likely to have the psychological problem?” And the thesis I stated is that gay couples are able to provide a warm and normal environment for adopted children to grow up. I want to focus on this topic from the current situation of gay adoption, gay couples are capable of raising children and children adopted by gay parents are the same as those who born in heterosexual families.
Nowadays, the homosexual people are coming into public view and are accepted by more and more people. It has attracted much concern to improve and protect their rights, such as the Gay-Right Movement which refers
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The young generation is the hope of future. Whenever related to children, there will be a heated discussion. Advocators of gay adoption first of all believe that children adoption is an equal right for gay couples and it can not be discriminatory only because of their sexual orientation. The UK government makes a rule about who can adopt a child, it says: one may be able to adopt a child if you are aged 21 or over and either single, married, in a civil partnership, or an unmarried couple no matter you are same sex or the opposite. (UK Gov n.d. ) The National Adoption Center also claims that a number of adoption organizations are supposed to consider lesbians and gay men, both singles and couples.(National Adoption Center n.d. ) Besides, gay parents have the same ability to raise children. They tend to be more motivated and more committed because they actively choose and had to work hard to be parents. Many gay couples, who offering themselves as adoptive parents, are more likely to form relationships that are more stable than many other heterosexual marriages. Thus gay parents mostly give adopted children a secure emotional home. And gay parents will spontaneously be more open minded when it comes to accepting their child’s lifestyle choices, and they will teach children to have broad minds of everyone in this world regardless of…show more content…
The adopted children can grow up like other children as well. But owing to the different comprehension of religion and morality, there are still some people who think children adopted by gay parents will become mentally unhealthy. They hold the following views. First, children are more possible to suffer sexual assault by homosexual parents. Second, they think the adopted children are vulnerable to teasing and harassment, particularly as they approach adolescence. But it’s not true or is just existed in some special family. “A Catholic religious group called Catholic Answers, reported on gay marriage in its 2004 and addressed that parenting by homosexual partners by adoption or artificial insemination. It pointed to studies finding higher rates than average abuse among heterosexual stepparent families compared with same-sex parents. The American Psychological Association notes that an ongoing longitudinal study found that none of the lesbian mothers had abused their children.”(APA n.d. )It states that the thoughts and fears of higher risk of sexual abuse by gay parents are not supported by research. Another objection is that children will have a sexual-orientation problem or become homosexual when they grow up. In order to overthrow this view, an amount of studies show that children grow up in same-sex family are most live normal lives and have less
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