Children Being Raised By Same Sex Parenting

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For a child to grow up having a bright future, it is necessary that from a young age, he or she develops a healthy childhood as well as being raised in a healthy family structure. Every child should have the right to be raised in a healthy family structure and the ideal one is being raised by a mother (female) and a father (male). Being raised by the same-sex parenting is harmful, complicated, and confusing for children, although it is already confusing for them the idea that people of the same-sex are getting married. Children can be comparable to little sponges that absorb everything they observe or hear, especially by their parent’s actions. Their earliest exposure to what it means to be male or female comes from their parents; for example, they see their father shaving as well as their mother applying makeup on her face. Parents’ genders teach children the gender role they have in the world. Children with an ideal family have the opportunity to relate to both sexes. On the other hand, same-sex parenting is harmful to children because it is very limited for them and also they tend to be more likely to be sexually confused and the psychological help must be required for them.
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Consequently, parents have a profound and on-going impact on their child. When children experience failures, they automatically look to their parents when they need comfort and solace. A home in which the parental figures change does not encourage a child to trust. “This discourages the healthy development of trusting relationships which causes psychological damage such as heightened aggressive and anti-social behavior. It also inhibits a child’s ability to make wise and rational decisions” (Poulter). An unsteady family structure such as same-sex parents does not provide a secure base for children to develop a healthy

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