They All Just Went Away Analysis

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Wednesday, October 22 Reading Response 2 “Living Will” by Danielle Ofri is about an author who is a doctor who came across a patient that is suicidal. “They All Just Went Away” by Joyce Carol Oates is about a young lonely girl who finds herself attracted in entering abandoned house and is entranced by other peoples lives and what they left by. Although these stories are very different, I believe both the authors share a similar idea, but different outlooks, of how the main characters in each essay struggle to do the right thing. “Living Will” gives us a better perspective of what doctors today have to face with their jobs. The author, Danielle Ofri, came across a severely ill patient, Wilburn Reston, which really makes her think. The patient happens to be suicidal due to all the critical incidents that have occurred in his life; for instance, the death of his mother and sister, his estranged wife, and his poor health. Mr. Reston was undoubtedly depressed, and in my opinion, his thoughts were rational. Danielle Ofri mentions “Mr. Reston seemed to have a reasonably realistic grasp on his situation, I wasn’t sure I had a grasp on mine.” Owing to the fact that his thoughts were realistic, Ofri was struggling on agreeing with her patient’s thoughts. She states, “Doctors aren’t supposed to agree with patients who say they want to kill …show more content…

“Our Vanishing Night” is by Verlyin Klinkenborg, he writes about how the widespread use of artificial lights in today’s world creates light pollution that confuses all living creatures’ biological clocks. Even though these stories are quite different, I believe both authors share the same idea of altruism, but from different perspectives. I will explain how both authors talk about a helping cause that is easily and often

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