Personal Narrative: The Animals In Night

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When I was younger, I owned a stuffed bear, strangely named A. Just A. It brought me so much comfort. When I was scared of thunderstorms, A got me through it. A helped me survive long road trips, and when my dad was yelling at the TV when the Chicago Bears let an easy touchdown happen. He brought me so much comfort that I continued to be comforted by Webkinz when I was 7. I have an army of Webkinz, which are stuffed animals that also come with a web code to play with them on the Webkinz website. I played with them, and used them as crash test dummies whenever possible. Just like Jennings, the main character in They Cage the Animals in Night, by Jennigns Michael Burch, he had Doggie, a floppy and old stuffed dog. The dog got him through more extreme things than a over-immersed Bears fan. As Doggie represents comfort, Sister Frances’s infamous clicker represents totalitarionism, and clothes represents confidence.

Jenning’s stuffed dog named Doggie simply represents comfort in They Cage the Animals at Night. Jennings was scared a lot. When he was at his orphanages, he cried a lot, and was completly terrified at the fact that he may be at a horrbile place for a long, long time. He’s ran away and lived at a zoo! That’s traumatizing for an 8 year old kid. But Doggie helped him survive it. When Jennings was in St.Theresa’s, a horrible place where they almost torture kids, on his first night, he felt comforted by: “I hugged him (Doggie) once or twice before sliding him under my pillow. I lay
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Doggie equals comfort, the clicker equals totalitarianism, and clothing items represent confidence. Because A comforted me so much, and the Webkinz as well, it crushed me when the Webkinz got peed on by a mouse. It was a horrific day for me. But even though they are nothing but memories, they still comfort me in the worst of
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