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Misty Copeland has come from a background of adversity and a broken home, overcoming body issues and an eating disorder to become one of the most recognized and renowned ballerinas of her time. On top of that, her crowning achievement is being the first black principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater (ABT). Misty Copeland led a troubled home life, and didn’t even start dancing until the age of 13. She is so inspiring because of the fact that she started considerably late for her field, and has not only flourished in it, but helped create its modern face. Most successful dancers tend to go from cradle to studio, and dance their entire lives, yet she managed to accomplish in two years what many never see come to fruition.
Copeland has overcome many struggles, a huge one being her body. In the dance world, the slim and boyish physique is highly sought after, and when she stopped fitting that image, Misty fell victim to an eating disorder. However, she didn’t let that stop her. With the help of those around her, she overcame it, and learned to accept her …show more content…

She is inspirational, strong and passionate in what she does and works for, as I strive to be myself. However, I believe one of my best qualities is my caring nature towards others, which lets them look to me for help or guidance. I often take on the “group mom” persona, this entailing being willing to help those around me with any problems they have, physical or emotional. People tend to trust me and my guidance, and listen to what I have to say. They look and listen because they feel that they know I will take good care of them and handle the situation. I feel that softness and kindness are are incredibly necessary to be a strong leader, yet they are never emphasized as much. A little kindness goes a long way, and I feel that it will help me move up in leadership roles, because people respect and trust the person who always helps

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