College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Dancer

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Reminded of my own feelings of anticipation at my first audition many years ago, the young dancers seated on the floor watched me - now a lead dancer - standing confidently at the barre. The youngest, a three-year old, bursting with excitement, bombarded me with non-stop questions: Can you show me how to do that combination again? How long does it take to become a real ballerina like you? I was filled with joy knowing she viewed me as her role model.

Like this young dancer, I have always adored dance. The first time in the studio - with leotards and tights and my slicked back bun, my tap shoes in one hand, and my ballet shoes in the other - I knew I was ready. The way each dancer leaves it all out on the stage reveals their obvious commitment to the art of dance. That first day, rather than simply walking into the studio, I ran. I found my spot in the center of the room and knew immediately that this is where I belonged. Fifteen years later, I still stand here, proud of being a dancer.

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I am in and out of the studio, all day and night. I spend hours each day rehearsing, and have consequently, learned to prioritize my time. During all of this studio time I collaborate with other dancers, ensuring that our company works together to reach our common goals. My fellow dance members and I unite as one and learn and grow from each other. Throughout my dance career I have learned that this time-intensive activity requires dedication. Without dedication and perseverance, a dancer will not rise to become a performer. A performer, like me, must live their dance life with passion, and I certainly do.

I continue to be amazed at the lessons I have learned and the opportunities I have gained from dance. The discipline, the persistence, the work ethic learned through dance will continue to guide me as I grow as a student in the next of dance performance of my

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