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Imagine being able to magically cure the temptation of overindulging in food. That's exactly what this Lucky Strike advertisement is for.
Lucky Strike was the most popular cigarette in the 1950s; this is made quite obvious due to the television show “Madmen”. In the 50’s, no one knew about the dangers of smoking. As a result, the mainstream media focused on the positive effects of smoking tobacco. One of these positive effects is that smoking a cigarette cures the appetite, resulting with losing weight.
Thesis: This Lucky Strike advertisement attempts to attract numerous Americans using pathos, logos, and ethos in order to convince the consumer that smoking is healthy and helps lose weight; this reveals that corporations will not stop at any cost in order to persuade consumers to buy their product.

Lucky Strike directly targets overweight men and women using their self consciousness.
This article compares an overweight girl to a slim girl. Doing so, they make the overweight female look unappealing by making the whole figure a dark shadow. This causes overweight men and women to feel self conscious about their image and resort to smoking as an easy alternative to being overweight. In addition, the article states it is easy to …show more content…

It would be logical to consume their product oppose to their competitors due to the way they refer to their tobacco as “the finest tobacco” or “The Cream of the Crop”. This causes consumers that might consider smoking to choose their product because they advertise it as the best tobacco. Another way Lucky Strike uses logic to persuade consumers is by tricking them to believe their cigarettes are healthier than other cigarettes due to a “secret heating process” and the misconception that “heat purifies”. This reveals how easily fooled the American society was in the 1950s. Of Course boiling contaminated water will purify it, but this concept has no parallel to inhaling hot

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