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Thomas Edward Thomas Edward Ketchum was born in San Saba County, texas.Thomas was born on October 31,1863.His father Green Berry Ketchum died at age 48 when thomas was only 5 years old. Hi mother Temperance Katherine Wydick Ketchum, suffered from blindness before she Past away when Thomas was ten years old. Both of the parents were buried at China Creek cemetery in San Saba county ,texas. Thomas brother Green Berry Jr became weath cowman and horses breeder. His other older brother Sam married and had two children, but left them when his son was only 3. Tom and Sam worked and became cowboy in a rancher in West,North,and Eastern New Mexico. On their cattle drives they learned the territories and as well as the settlers and ranchers in the area. In 1892, Tom and Sam and some other outlaws learn that Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Was one its way to Deming, New Mexico. When the large gang was going to robbe the train right off of Nutt, New Mexico. A station 20 miles North of Deming.On July the gang struck again without Thomas. On July 11, 1899, the gang struck again, this time without the help of Blackjack.After camping on Dry Canyon in northeast New Mexico, Sam Ketchum, Bill Carver, Elza Lay, and an outlaw named McGinnis made of with $50,000.They were soon pursued by a posse/Old western cops to a hideout near Cimarron, New …show more content…

Early the next morning as the sun was coming up, a freight train heading from Folsom passed by the robbery scene. A man was seen about 100 yards from the train, waving his hat on the end of his gun, as a signal. When the train was stopped and the conductor and brakeman approached Blackjack, but then Blackjack drew a gun on them.The two said we only came to help but then Thomas said no boys I am done take me in. They cared Tom to the caboose and headed to

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