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Stephen Fuller Austin was born on November 3,1793 in Austinville,VA. Stephens parents were Moses and Mary Austin. He was the first born of three children. Stephen went to Colchester Academy when he was five then he went to Transylvania University when he got older, but he didn 't graduate because his parents had financial problems.
Stephen F Austin was a very important person to texas ; at first stephen was an american pioneer then he became the state legislature from 1814 to 1820. In 1819 stephen moved to arkansas and became district judge then found out that his father moses was in debt. August 1820 stephen moved to Louisiana to pay off the debts of his father in New Orleans. On June 1821 stephen 's father died which left him with the 300 families right after that stephen got 750 more families to go to spanish texas.When stephen went to texas the mexicans started fighting over land and how many people were coming to texas from america. In 1833 stephen went to mexico city to clear up some business with the Mexican Government. Stephen was bringing new demands from the texas settlers,including separation from Coahuila, and to reduce the …show more content…

After stephen went to mexico city and was coming back he was arrested and brought back to mexico city and thrown into jail.Stephen was in jail for a year and a half and never really tried to get out of jail.Then in August 1835 stephen was released from the prison and left mexico city and went back to texas as a changed man. Right after stephen showed back up to texas the texans found out he was in jail and fought the mexicans in the battle of gonzales.The battle was October 2, 1835 with the texans against the mexicans this was also called the texas revolution.Stephen was also one of the commanders on the battle the others were jim bowie,and james fannin. After the battle of gonzales stephen and his men marched to san antonio to the battle of Concepcion and

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