Thomas Paine: Colonists During The Revolutionary War

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Thomas Paine shows the horror and tragedy that numerous amounts of colonists went through during the Revolutionary War. Many laws and taxes on colonists such as Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and an abundant amount of other laws that took money from the colonist and they were raving. During this time, Thomas Paine was furious with British rules and was most likely trying to convince and encourage colonists to fight. Thomas Paine was persuading the colonists to fight back from the laws and taxes that made their lives a struggle and they fought and fought. Thomas Paine was an influential writer during the American Revolution, his pamphlet, “Common Sense” and his other writings had influenced many colonists. Although, Paine was not well educated, he dropped out of school by the age of twelve, he still managed to convince the lives of the colonists that were torn apart from all the laws and taxes. The innocent community were petrified of the unknown. They did not know if they were going to live another day or if their family would be okay at the end of the day. Paine was infuriated and so were colonists. Laws and taxes that took away their money fed them all up. He had such a persuading and astonishing speech that had all the colonists to fight. “Well give me peace in my day” (Paine 108), Paine would rather his life suffer then …show more content…

He made colonist who were all the way at the bottom to rise up to the top and fight. Colonists got their rights all because of Thomas Paine. It took awhile but it worth it in the long run. Thomas Paine was able to convince and fight with colonists with justice and dignity. Thomas Paine was able to help colonists to fight and if he didn’t, would we be the world we are in now? Would we have the independence we have today? It was all because of Thomas Paine that we can wake up and fall asleep with independence and dignity. He changed the lives of

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