What Are The Persuasive Techniques Used By Thomas Paine

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Thomas Paine Runs the Game Thomas Paine had been a highly acclaimed English- American writer, Politician, and civil advocate during the 1770’s, otherwise known as the revolutionary war period. He is in large part the spark that ignited the fire in the colonial people’s hearts that led the beginning of the revolutionary war. Although Thomas Paine had left England for the United States in 1770, he instantly fell in love with the colonies and what they stood for. Main reasons for Paine’s willingness to travel had been due to the convincing done by Ben Franklin, who at the time may have been the most important person to the colonies and British relations. Ben Franklin told Paine there would be many opportunities for him to become a successful journalist if he came over to the colonies, and that indeed had been the case for Paine. Paine’s most effective persuasive techniques was probably his use in logos, by showing the colonists what harm would be done by the British if they continued to lay back and let them run their land. Doing so greatly feared the colonists which in turn left to the revolutionary war. It had been very important to the colonial people fighting against the British to have a valiant cause, so that they would continue fighting and not give up. In regards to how Paine worked to make the colonists feel, the most important persuasive techniques used had to a combination of logos and pathos. Logos or logic had been used because once …show more content…

He placed emphasis on the atrocities performed by the British in order to scare the colonists into fighting and how remaining to be passive about their poor treatment. A large thank needs to be given to Thomas Paine for being one of the first to spark hatred for the British and leading to the revolutionary war which allowed for this country to be the one it is today, and not a colony of the

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