Thucydides Vs Plato Essay

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According to history, some have claimed that Thucydides makes empirical claims and that Plato makes normative claims. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to identify the different philosophy between Thucydides versus Plato on the Nature of the Good Life. Consequently, reaching a better understanding specifically on empirical and normative claims. As a result, the outcome should illustrate a detailed explanation on such claims with supported evince. Plato indeed advocated normative thinking; In other words, his claims are about human well-being, moral thought, and virtue. His book “the Republic” is Plato’s greatest work, and its main focus is to help people to reach fulfillment. For instance, his thought about -what is to be happy? Brought…show more content…
He believed that and act of friendliness was an act of weakness, and that those who preserved their liberty do so because they are strong. Thucydides did not believe in excellence and virtue, he was in contrast with Plato’s views; therefore, his ethical way of thinking was in accordance to that of the gods, “Our opinion of the gods and our knowledge of men lead us to conclude that it is general and necessary law of nature to rule wherever we can” () Anyhow, because of the constant danger that he had to endure during the war, his idea of the good human life was to survive by being able to control one’s mind in all circumstances, to protect oneself and loved ones, and to be generous with friends. However, to be as terrible as one could be against enemies. For him, making money, fame, and prestige was more important than the improvement of the soul. Thucydides justice depends on power; strong men will do what they have the power to do, and the weak will accept what they have to accept. Overall, I can conclude that these two philosophers have a different perspective about life and ethics. Consequently, It is true that Plato make normative claims. However, his philosophy was not conclusive since continuously changes were made. It is also true that
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