Tim Hortons Vs Starbucks Research Paper

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Tim Hortons and Starbucks are both classified as coffee shops. However, when it comes to the final choice to choose which one is better, it can bring up a really heavy debate. However, there are big deciding factors between the two coffee shops. They are the prices, the quality and the number of locations between the two coffee shops.

For starters, if one compares the prices between Starbucks and Tim Hortons’s menu, one would notice that Tim Hortons’s menu is much cheaper than Starbucks’s menu. For example, a large coffee from Tim Hortons would cost one $2.19 while a coffee at Starbucks would cost one $2.45. Many people say that they would prefer going to Starbucks everyday if they had million dollars in their bank accounts. Although the …show more content…

However, if one compares the quality of both coffee shops for food and drinks, an average individual would think that Tim Horton’s food quality differs a lot from Starbucks. Tim Hortons offers a nice slushy lemonade drink for the hot weather for a decent and reasonable price. However, Starbucks offers a diluted drink for a terrible price. If one ever plans to drop by Starbucks to buy themselves a nice cold drink for the hot weather and one chooses Teavana, that person needs to pay attention to how the workers make their drink. As they prepare the drink, that person would notice that they would first add a coloured liquid. Which seems like the juice or the concentrated flavour. One would also notice that the liquid would take up only about one-fifth of the cup. Then, they would add a mysterious substance into the drink to fill it up. What is that mysterious liquid? The answer is water. Congratulations. That person bought him/herself diluted juice from Starbucks. On the Starbucks website it said “AN INFUSION OF [WATER, HIBISCUS FLOWERS, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVORS, CINNAMON, APPLE, LICORICE ROOT, LEMONGRASS, FRUIT JUICE EXTRACT], ICE, LIQUID CANE SUGAR [WATER, TURBINADO CANE SUGAR, CANE SUGAR, NATURAL FLAVOR, POTASSIUM SORBATE, CITRIC ACID].” (Unknown). Tim Hortons, on the other hand, gives an individual a delicious slush lemonade in full flavour for anyone to survive the hot weather outside. Hence the fact that Starbucks

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