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TKAM Essay
A person or event can make an impact on a child or young adolescent in either a positive or a negative way and can teach them a lesson that they can carry with them throughout their lives. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout Finch is given exquisite examples and terrible examples in her modest town. Scout discovers courage and cowardness from the ones who are surrounding her while growing older in Maycomb. (77)

Scout Finch receives courage from her peers in her surroundings, mainly from her father Atticus Finch who presents many acts of courage in and outside of the counsel. For example, when Atticus is surrounded by a crowd of riled men because Atticus is upholding Thomas Robinson’s case, Atticus states, …show more content…

These actions caused by the society advise Scout about people and the existence of Maycomb. For example, when Scout and Miss Maudie are discussing how some men were born to do undesirable jobs for the world, Scout says, “I always thought Maycomb folks were the best folks in the world, least that’s what they seemed like” (218). Scout is definitely learning the shady elements in reality of Maycomb, from the undesirable jobs to unpleasant people, they come from cowards. Miss Maudie realizes how prejudice citizens are about colored citizens and others unreasonable assumptions. In addition, when Atticus was strolling by the Post Office, Bob Ewell approaches him and spat in his face after stating he would get him if it took him the rest of his life. Scout is informed of what happened is given one of the many cowardness and senseless behavior people do to one another. The citizens in Scouts frequent life make foolish decisions and learns this from Bob Ewell and other. (189)

In Maycomb County, Scout absorbs and learns from many people, some inform her about what is right, and other inform her that others decided to make irrelevant actions. People use personal actions to shape how they consider other people’s beliefs. The actions Scout has witnessed and been put through give her a glimpse of what Maycomb and it’s citizens are like. These

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