To Guys Like Us In Prison-My Chemical Romance, And The Hills-The Weeknd

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Does the genre of the music affect the mood of the person(s) listening to it (New York, New York - Frank Sinatra, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison - My Chemical Romance, and The Hills - The Weeknd)? I chose this experiment because everyone (or my mom) says rock makes you demonic, pop makes you happy, etc. and I knew that’s not the case. So, I decided to test it on an eighteen year old that happens to be my sister. My independent variable is the genre of the music that she listens to (which was found on YouTube, posted by the artists). The dependent variable is her feelings about the songs, which will be written on a plain sheet of paper during and after each song is played through earphones. The controlled variable is the person who is listening to the music. …show more content…

I got my information from an article written by Nathan Feiles, a psychotherapist. I found out that mostly, music serves as an outlet for people unable or unwilling to express themselves externally. Sometimes a classroom full of lazy kids can be brought back to life by putting on energetic, lively music that a majority of the classroom likes, which hopefully helps deny a teacher’s favorite thing to say, “music distracts students”. My second resource for research was a “” article, written by Suzanne Boothby. I found out about a study done by scientists at the University of Missouri. In the study, participants improved their mood after being told to, but only when listening to the cheery music of Aaron Copland. The others, who listened to the sadder music of Igor Stravinsky, weren’t told to improve their mood and

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