To Kill A Mockingbird Book Report Essay

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What is this book? Why would you read this? Why did you bother to pick up this? Well I have no clue why you are reading this. So if you are bored continue reading. You probably would read this book because it is about a girl that has aspergers and has a tough time after her brother died. I was forced to read this book back in fifth grade because of a book report. So we looked for a book that i could read at the time. We found Mockingbird. At the time i had no clue if it was going to be good or not. I liked the book surprisingly. if I have to read a book for a class i read it but this book I just wanted to continue reading. I made a lot of connections at the time because I felt people at school where being absolute jerks to me still are. I liked it because I was able to connect more to this book than any other at the time.
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She has asperger’s and has trouble making friends at school she has a rough time at home because her older brother devan died because a shooting at school.(chapter 1). Dad has been put down by this but Caitlin wants to help her dad from not being so depressed. Caitlin gets bullied due to having aspergers. (chapter 14). She tries her best to succeed in school but she is to hard on herself.The gym teacher said some words in front of the class that made her upset. (chapter 14) Towards the finishing stretches of the story she has wanted to finish what dad and devan started she wanted to finish the chest because she thought that if they finished it they would be happier. Her dad did not want to finish it because devan was not there due to his death and it was a him and devan thing. This chest has been brought up throughout the story. This chest has a major impact on this

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