To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 16 Analysis

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Jem and Scout go to the school fair and play games before getting ready for the Halloween pageant. Scout dresses as a ham for the pageant but falls asleep. She winds up missing her part, and coming out on stage late. She attempts to catch up to where the other students. She is told that the crowd laughed at her and that she ruined the pageant. “but she caught me backstage, and told me I had ruined her pageant. She made me feel awful’’ (Lee 258). Scout feels so bad, that she waits until everyone is gone before leaving the school. “not even Jem could make me go through that crowd, and he consented to wait backstage with me until the audience left’’ (Lee 258). Jem and Scout walk home in the dark, Scout still wearing her ham costume. Jem
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