To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: Percy Jackson's Point Of View

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Percy Jackson and the Point of View Paper It’s the end of an era. For four years now, Percy Jackson has been dreading the Great Prophecy: “A half-blood of the eldest gods, Shall reach sixteen against all odds, And see the world in endless sleep, The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap, A single choice shall end his days, Olympus to preserve or raze” (Riordan 55). Now on the brink of his sixteenth birthday, Percy is leading his fellow halfbloods into battle to defend New York and Olympus. But things aren’t as simple as they seem, there’s a spy for Kronos among their ranks. Percy and the gang will have to put that behind them considering that the fate of Western Civilization is weighing on their shoulders. But how can Percy soldier on, when he’s fighting against his own fate? In this novel, Percy Jackson goes through a lot of inner turmoil. He knows that there’s a spy amongst his ranks, but he also knows that searching for him or her will tear the halfbloods apart. He’s also the commander of the halfblood army, but how could he possibly lead them if he’s destined to destroy Olympus. And of course there’s the constant love triangle: should he be with Annabeth, the girl he held up the sky for, or Rachel, the one person who could help him escape from his dangerous life? Percy’s loyalties are tested along with his will as he fights to save the ones …show more content…

She is faced with her own kind of love triangle, the love of a brother and the love of a friend. Luke took Annabeth under his wing when they lived on the streets, and Annabeth would never forget that debt. She worshiped him throughout her entire youth and now has to face the fact that he’s the enemy. Should she support him and try to convert him back to Olympus, or not even try and dedicate herself to Percy, the potential destroyer of Olympus? Decisions have to be made, and the daughter of Athena won’t know if she made the right choice until it’s too

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