To What Extent Was Andrew Jackson A Champion For The Common Man

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Andrew Jackson, president from 1829 through 1837, was considered to be the most controversial president in the US. In determining whether Andrew Jackson was a champion for the common man, one must look at the extent of which his actions benefited or threatened the common man. Economically, Jackson was irresponsible in handling the bank. Socially, he tyrannized the people. And politically, he caused corruption in the government. Thus, Andrew Jackson was not a champion for the common man.
Andrew Jackson turned the US economy upside down. He was strongly against a national bank, so he vetoed the bank re-charter bill. The bill would have created the Third Bank of the United States, but instead of this Jackson ordered that the government's deposits …show more content…

The Native American removal is an example of this. Jackson wanted to expand America's size, but in order to do that he thought he would have to kick out the Native Americans, who were already there. Although Native Americans were not automatically considered citizens, the Five Civilized Tribes tried to fit in with the US citizens. They lived in America, so they were still affected by what went on in the country. The Cherokee went to the Supreme Court when Georgia began depriving them of their rights. The Supreme Court ruled that the Indians had a right to their land. Even after that ruling, Jackson still continued with the Indian Removal. He was messing up the government's system of check and balances. He forced the Indians to go on the Trail of Tears. This was the Native Americans journey to Indian Territory. Jackson forced these people from their homes and land with the military, resulting in a quarter of them dying. He didn’t take care of these people, he let them starve and suffer brutal deaths. Andrew Jackson may have expanded the country, but he showed how inhumane he was. Not only did the Native Americans fear him, but white men had the right to fear him because he showed them what he was capable

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