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Cigarette smoking is a major problem in our society today. According to the World Health Organization, the smoking of tobacco kills nearly 6 million people a year (World Health Organization, 2013). Smoking is a lifestyle choice for many people, including young adults. This has led to many organizations trying to put an end to smoking worldwide, encouraging smokers to quit or to convert to safer options, such as the recently developed e-cigarettes. However, my search for a healthier alternative to cigarettes led me to the debate which compares pipe tobacco to cigarettes. Some say that pipe tobacco is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, due to pipe tobacco having less additives and being less processed. This leads me to my research…show more content…
These effects can then be compared to that of human smokers, as well as those who are subjected to second-hand smoke. As pea seedlings are rapidly growing, they can be compared to the rapidly renewing and repairing tissues within the human body.
The essential argument I wish to address deals with the question of whether pipe tobacco is a healthier option for cigarette smokers to consider. The smoking of tobacco products is harmful to human health, no matter what form it is smoked in. However, with each cigarette consumed being a step closer to death for many, even something a little better might buy smokers a few years of their life back.
My aims in this research project are to find a conclusive answer to my research question which can then be used to make conjectures about how the differing forms of tobacco affect human health. I hypothesise that the cigarette smoke will affect the growth, as well as the health, of the plants more than the pipe tobacco
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The researchers question the previous research which supports the theory that pipe and cigar smokers have a lower risk of contracting lung cancer to that of cigarette smokers. They come to the conclusion that the lower risk of contracting lung cancer in cigar and pipe smokers compared to cigarette smokers is due to lower tobacco consumption. They argue that this lower consumption rate coupled with cigar and pipe smokers starting their smoking at a later age is the reason that the many other studies show them as having a lower risk of contracting lung disease, and not because pipe tobacco or cigar smoke has a lower carcinogenic

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