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Hi Peeps,

Today 's Quote

"I enjoy learning, listening, thinkings, growing, chewing, processing, and crunching God 's Biblical Data to then scientifically study how truthful this information exist and works in my heart, mind, body, and soul, which clearly describes and musically pictures how the cogs of habitat work together in our world for our Good!" ~Jon Barnes Learning

I personally discovered my chemical balance and optimal state of learning and competing with myself, during a music competition in middle school, with my teacher Dave Hariston. He said, eat a big breakfast and come to school ready to win this competition. It turns out for me that my belly was full but my mind was asleep, like I had been drugged. I couldn 't …show more content…

Something New

This time I ate nothing until the competition was over and realized that my attention levels and abilities were at an all time high, helping me to think and execute my plans, goals, and dreams. It worked. Right On! I did the work and then I ate. Work for your food became my code for life. As a result, God has delivered my from my selfish, self-destructive modes of self indulgence, glitter, glamor, and famous foolishness of Greed and contempt. This is something new to think about on an empty stomach! Eat less. Work For Food

Working for God and His Spiritual Food has the same effect on my life. I will wake up and get God 's Work done first, before I eat or drink and then the rest of the day flies to the moon and back with such great joy and love. My heart and motives navigate my chemical and genetic predispositions of my mind and body functions, so that I maintain control over my destination, opportunities, and fate, which was put into God 's Hands, first thing in the morning, each day, out of obedience! That is my secret and Mind Set towards God out of LOVE not science. Think like God, which is FAR bigger than science! Today 's Question What is your food for thought and how does your mind tick for God 's Word and Work? Enjoy Today

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