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Who is the greatest quarterback of all time; this is a current debate in the media after Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl win. The Inquirer and The Denver Post are two newspapers in the media that are apprising people of the facts on Tom Brady. When evaluating articles in The Inquirer and The Denver Post about NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s legacy, one can identify the differences and similarities in the articles, such as points of view, what the articles mainly about, and conclusions made by the writer. First off, both articles have different points of view which one can compare and contrast to determine the credibility of the facts based on the tone of the writing. Both articles debate the facts about how Brady could be the best NFL quarterback,…show more content…
The Inquirer and The Denver Post, local newspapers in Philadelphia and Denver,are both comparing Brady in some type of way. Correspondingly speaking The Inquirer is mostly about how Brady and Belichick work together, and comparing them with other all time coaches and quarterback partnering that won many games together. For instance, “Deciding whether Tom Brady 's greatness reflects Bill Belichick 's greatness or the other way around is the reverse debate of what went on in these parts during the 11-season partnering of Andy Reid with Donovan McNabb” (Donnellon); this displays that there are countless amounts of other quarterbacks and coaching relationships that may have had an affect on how well the quarterback performs. On the contrary, The Denver Post more about comparing Tom Brady to other all time great quarterbacks, and who is the actual greatest quarterback of all time. For instance, “San Francisco 49ers fans, and some pure NFL fans, will argue Joe Montana is the greatest of all-time over Brady regardless of what happens in Houston on Feb. 5” (source); This is another great example that shows Tom Brady does have some competition on who is actually the best. Even though, both articles are about Tom Brady, one source is comparing more about the quarterback and coach relationship, while the other source focuses deeper on the quarterback…show more content…
Furthermore, each article states that Tom Brady could be considered one of the best quarterbacks, but both articles having different conclusions on what the reader and the writer thinks. Comparatively, both suggest that the reader could form their own opinion by debating more on the topic with others. Nevertheless, The Inquirer’s author states that once the reader is finished reading they can still continue debating, but the writer still thinks Brady is the best. As an example, “Does that make Brady the greatest quarterback ever? Well he has, at age 39, swung my vote. He 's a man engaged to his craft, a guy no one ever projected to be the greatest ever” (Donnellon). Conversely, the author does not express his or her opinion during the writing and is suggesting that the reader continue the debate. “Who do you believe is the greatest quarterback of all-time? Continue the debate in the comments section” (source); one can read that the author wants the the reader to use their own opinion to continue the debate, and not base their ideas of the author. When comparing and contrasting, people can tell that articles have different conclusions that may have their opinion and other details. After scrutinizing if Tom Brady is the best quarterback from The Inquirer and The Denver Post, one can inspect the differences and similarities of the articles. In summarizing, each article had diverse opinions on points of view, what the article is mainly about, and their conclusions. Both
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