Tortilla Sun And Confetti Girl Analysis

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Have you ever been in a situation where rivalry comes to a point where everyone is seriously butting heads and you can not seem to find hope? To begin, many others have been there and experienced the same issues. If one person thinks wrongly about an issue, another may feel the same way. There are many others that experience things the same way; there are many people in the world that butt heads and can not find hope in the midst of darkness. In the passages of Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes and Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez shares the common theme of differences in points create tension between one another. First, in the story Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes, the different points create a strained relationship between the mother and …show more content…

Early in the story when the daughter explains her dad’s cooking abilities, she complains,”Like today. He got flour, potato skins, and crumpled napkins on the counter. The pot boils over with brown scum” (Lopez paragraph 3). This shows the action over creating a huge mess in store for the daughter to clean up. The girl seems pretty upset about this, because Dad “tries” to clean up. In addition, the daughter finds a fork in the road that she finds questioning. Towards the end of the passage, when Dad went to find the vocabulary book, the daughter thought, “Why should I eat when my own father has abandoned his own food? Nothing’s more important than his books and vocabulary words. He might say I matter, but when he goes on a scavenger hunt for a book, I realize I don’t matter” (Lopez paragraph 26). This shows that the daughter feels that her father does not care as much about her. She feels unloved and alone because her own father just blatantly left the table trying to find a book and did not stir up a conversation with her daughter. Finally, at the end of the passage, when the father greets the daughter with the book in her room, as soon as he left, she expressed, “I put the book on the nightstand and use it as a coaster. The condensation from my soda leaves a big, wet circle on the cover” (Lopez paragraph 34). This shows that the daughter is very upset that the father cared more about finding the book than her. She made a move of disrespect; however, she wanted to show her father that she deserves

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