Touch Screen Based Gear Shift Essay

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Design of Touch Screen Based Gear Shifting System Kiran Burugupalli, Kola Sampath Kumar, Uppu Bharath 4th year B.Tech, SOME, SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India-613401. M Tagore AP II, SOME, SASTRA UNIVERSITY, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India-613401. *Corresponding Author : Abstract- Most of the Automobiles include manual gear shift which is bit difficult to handle and also occupies some specified space. In this paper an effort is made to eliminate these problems by introducing touch screen based gear shifting system. It will be more precise and efficient than manual gear shift.A Touch screen is provided along with micro controller to control gear shifting mechanism in automobiles. By incorporating gear numbers…show more content…
Automobiles plays a crucial role in every individual life. The importance for automobiles is growing a lot in past few years. Automobiles consists of several systems, which helps in normal functioning, some of these are Lubricating System, Gear System, Engine, Steering System and etc.., Generally most of the automobiles consists of manual gear shift which is bit difficult to handle and occupies specific space. These problems can be solved by introducing touch screen based gear shift, which can be precise and effective. By introducing this system accessing of automobiles becomes easier and also requirement of effort will be very less. This type of gear system can also be called as “SMART GEAR SHIFTING SYSTEM”. The functioning of gear shifting system under different load conditions has been discussed in detail by Romesh Makwana and Prof. Rajnish Katarne,. [1]. We are eliminating manual shifting and we need to actuate the gear system. Different actuation systems of autootive gear shifting mechanism was discussed by Igried Al-Khawaldeh, Muntaser Momani, , Hisham Al-Mujafet, and Mohammed Abuzalata, [2]. Various touch screen technologies has been discussed by Mudit Ratana Bhalla and Anand Vardhan Bhalla [3]. Here we opted for resistive touch for its ease of use. Interfacing of touchscreen was discussed I detail by Dhaval Mehta [4]. Working of atmega 16 bit controller has been discussed by Swati Mishra, Banti Singh,…show more content…
The power supply for the entire circuit is given by 12v battery. Microcontroller requires 5v regulator is used to convert the voltage from 12v to 3v. Motor IC L293D is used to attain the desired voltage (12v) to run the stepper motor. Stepper motor provides rotary motion output. Rack and pinion is used to convert rotary motion to linear motion .Pinion is attached to the stepper motion in such a way that entire torque provided by stepper motor is transferred to dog clutch via rack. Rack is welded to the rail rod of the gear box to which dog clutch is attached. The motion (clockwise and anti-clockwise) provided by the stepper motor to the dog clutch is used to mesh the gears of the main shaft and the lay shaft thereby shifting of gears (1st gear-neutral-2nd

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