Toussaint's Theory To Sir Belemy Analysis

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LATER IN THE STORY: Toussaint explains his theory to sir belemy. Since, the general and toussaint have been nearly driven over by a wayward cab, attacked and robbed at knife point in an east end alley, as well as being dogged by suspecious characters... They understand that there are people who want them out of the east end... On the third day of their visit to these abject environs, they are greeted by one who gives his name as Sir Belemy... He requests a seat at their table and is accepted... It isn't long before toussaint understands his visit... He, doubtless, is the orchestrator of their life theartening mishaps... He keeps this revelation to himself, but sees at once that sir Belemy is a wit likewise, possibly a match to his own... They…show more content…
Toussaint interjects Now I am no authority, but In my investigation of serial killings I find what is common is that the killer has a private fasination... A selfish greed to have his bloody secret all to himself... Such a one is the master of privacy and isolation. Consider the history of such crimes... (gives examples of historic serial killings) ...Whereas with this chap, he seems not only to want to share his adventures with the world, but actually takes delight in broadcasting his deeds... Even forecasting them... Playing the game of cat and mouse with the police... His is an odd case... I ask myself, why is this fellow so different than the rest... There's always a first monsuier... Sir belemy replies This is true... But I think it may imply something more than a curiosity... Let us do a little mathamatical reasoning... Again he gives historical…show more content…
Would not you agree But the world is full of anomalies monsuier toussaint Yes, that it is, and firsts... as you say... Toussaint continues Now this graffiti on the wall of one crime scene... 'the jueves are men who won't be blamed for nothing' This briefly alarms Sir belemy, but he quickly regains his cool composure But how did you get that information. The wall was scrubbed cleaned But yet readable to a trained eye... You see if.... (explains) I suspect it could have remained there forever... Better that they had destoyed it, but they didn't, so I read it... It remained in ghost lettering And your point monsuier The fellow who wrote this did it of his own personal malecontent...and was most certainly not the villian... How's this? This prose was created by another hand. A spur of the moment consideration.... How's that? Yes, he was one of several look outs for the ripper that night, and when he came to his aid to caution him safely away from the bloody scene... Well, he couldn't help playing the provocatuer... And wrote on the wall the words I read... As any good anti-Semite and xenophobe would Interesting... this may be helpful to the
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