Traditional Customs Essay

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Traditional customs are perceived as perennial practices exercised and safeguarded by a unit, a group or a nation (Thompson 1993). In fact, the notion of customs being achievements of a community (Kambarami 2006) has served as a prerequisite for the defence of traditional customs. In other words, traditions are often recognised with a sense of pride that cannot be substituted. Prevalent examples of traditional customs in contemporary society include the annual occurrence of Chinese married couples preparing Ang Paos for single relatives during Chinese New Year (Ong 2008). Despite the positive connotations that are associated with traditional customs, a large segment of society has gradually shifted perceptions of the practices. Indeed, it has…show more content…
For instance, despite the gradual shift of perceptions of women due to the global advocacy for women rights by the three waves of feminism (Rampton 2015), Hofstede, Hofstede & Minkov (2010) stated that childcare and conventional domestic responsibilities remain recognised as women’s primary obligations in many modern communities. On the other hand, professional development in the workplace seems rather a matter of normality for men (Ibid 2010). In fact, the perennial presence of patriarchy in society can be supported by two pieces of socio-historical evidence. Fundamentally, the association of men with inborn leadership qualities could possibly be derived from the distribution of agricultural obligations in ancient civilisation – while men focussed on trade activities, women were trapped in subordinate farming labour (Boulding 1992). Other than that, it has been strongly suggested that the natural aggressiveness and the physical superiority of men outbalance any valuable feminine

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