Transformational Leadership In Canada

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Leadership is a term to describe being able to guide individuals. The term leadership has changed over time and branched off into different theories; transactional and transformational leadership are two of these theories. (2015) defines transactional leadership “that is based on the setting of clear objectives and goals for the followers as well as the use of either punishments or rewards in order to encourage compliance with these goals”, and defines transformational leadership “in which the leader identifies the needed change, creates a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executes the change with the commitment of the members of the group”. Canada has a rich history of public or police …show more content…

French showed transactional leadership leading over two hundred men to western Canada. He let made it known what he expected of his men and “kept pushing his weary men westward until they reached recognizable territory” (Macleod, 2005). French continuously deployed his troops where he deemed necessary along their journey across western Canada. French showed transformational leadership by going against the Canadian government. During his journey west, a new prime minister and government were established. This government did not approve of the Northwest Mounted Police formation, therefore had lost confidence in the force. French decided attempted numerous times to challenge the government and each time the government refused his requests. French “kept advancing reasons to visit the capital, but his political masters kept denying his requests. When he offered to pay for the trip and still was turned down, he knew his position was untenable” (Macleod, 2005). French had tried to bring change to the leaders of Canada but was denied, even if did not succeed in changing the government’s position, French showed the characteristics of a transformational leader by identifying the Northwest Mounted Police were achieving setting up a policing force in western Canada and needed to be allowed to continue …show more content…

Two of the theories of leadership are transactional and transformational. Transactional leadership is setting clear expectations of an individual and using rewards or punishment to achieve results, while transformational leadership is identifying the need for change and trying to achieve the change. Two Canadian public administrative leaders who show these leadership skills were Tommy Douglas and Sir George Arthur French. Tommy Douglas was able to show transformational leadership through creating healthcare, Canada-wide pension plan and bargaining rights for civil servants; while Sir George Arthur French was able to show transactional leadership by leading his men across western |Canada, and he showed transformation leadership by challenging the Canadian government. Tommy Douglas would have been seen as a great leader in the Behavioural Era due to his ability to identify the need for change and the betterment of society; however, he would have not been seen as a great leader in the Personality Era due to him alienating the Saskatchewan doctors in his healthcare implementation. Sir George Arthur French would have been seen as a great leader in the Influence Era by what he was able to achieve in his position of power and the appreciation of the men who served under him; however, he would have not been seen as a great leader in the Situational Era because he resigned because of factors he could not

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