Treaty Of Versailles Dbq Essay

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The Treaty of Versailles seemed like a blessing after World War 1 until starting a terrible time known as World War 2. Although it punished the Germans for their mistakes in World War 1 most can say it created a way bigger one by doing so. Germany fell into a depressing and humiliating time forming lots of anger and confusion. Hitler was one of the many to be exasperated due to this treaty, creating a gateway to put him into power. By expressing and acting upon the people's anger many felt confident he would please the people of Germany. The Treaty of Versailles created much military restrictions, loss of land, and humiliation amongst Germans, forming their interest in Hitler. All of the losses Germany faced from the treaty were very impacting in a negative way to their society. As one can see in Mein Kampf’s document Hitler says, “No nation can remove this hand from its throat except by the sword,” showing how war is the only option towards the treaty. The people in Germany agreed to this act creating their army to fight with much anger and aggression towards their opponents. The document “Germany in the Great War” expresses how, …show more content…

Their military was one of the biggest sectors to have heavy restrictions put onto. One can see in document B its analysis how, “Germany must not exceed one hundred thousand men including officers” showing how the treaty has affected their military greatly. The Germans took the act of monitoring their troops very humiliating especially with the other countries out numbering them greatly. The other countries were exceed well over 100,000 troops according to, “German Political Cartoon” France had about 600,000 troops along with Poland reaching 300,000 and Czechoslovakia having 140,000. Comparing those numbers to Germany makes them seem very weak and vulnerable. Germany facing all of these restriction was bond to form some kind of war or rebellious

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