True Identity In Richard Grant's The Cay

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“The value of identity of course is that so often with it comes purpose.” - Richard Grant. This quote shows the value of identity, also the conflicts you must overcome to welcome your true identity. In The Cay Phillip’s character reveals that finding out your true identity and purpose comes from overcoming obstacles and hardships. Phillip changes drastically throughout the novel. Phillip changes from afraid, to brave, and finally independent. As the story begins and World War II reaches the Island of Curaçao, Phillip is best described as afraid. Fleeing for safety, Phillip Enright and his mother, board the Hato to leave for America. During their sail, they are torpedoed. Phillip is stranded on a raft with a large black man named Timothy. After enduring a blow to the head Phillip becomes blind. “ After a moment, lying there in darkness, hearing the creak of the raft and feeling its motion, it all hit me. I was blind and we were lost at sea. I began to crawl, screaming for my mother and father…” ( Taylor 46). This shows Phillip is afraid because it shows his fear and vulnerability. Phillip fears he will never be reunited with his mother and father ever again. Phillip also fears his sight will never return. This is …show more content…

After finding a small cay Phillip and Timothy start to find food and create a shelter. Timothy spots a large palm full of coconuts and asks Phillip to climb it. Phillip begins to climb the tree but a giant wave of fear washes over him. Phillip feels the need to redeem himself and climb the palm. “ I think it was the fifth afternoon of this week that I blurted out to Timothy , I’ll climb the palm now” (Talyor 98) . This shows that Phillip is changing on the island, because of the conflicts on the island, also with Timothy. Phillip becomes more mature and fearless on the island. This is significant because it shows how Phillip’s conflict begins to change

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