Tsunami-Personal Narrative

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To be fair, she was not the only Super having an off day. In the vast depths of the ocean, Tsunami was a really big fish. Or, at least, she smelled like one most of the time. Even without her telepathic ability to manipulate most bodies of water, she was a monster to take down in melee combat. She liked to think it was the fear of being devoured by her enhanced jaws that kept most poachers out of the arctic during migration season.

That also created a certain reputation preceding this buffed out leopard seal. Her alter egos marine biology career was not run on food stamps, and there was always good pay for power crazed maniacs in the world. The dark underworld of business or politics expected nothing less but pure, efficient, professionalism
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It just so happened that some doofus chose today to dump excessive pounds of sweetener right into her entrance point for the operation. She had tried to do the reasonable thing and apply some hydraulic pressure for a quick unclogging. And that was when a simple 'sneak in through the sewers' had all its subtlety literally erupted out from under her.

If at least a dozen supers were not in midtown to hear that accidental entrance, they were certainly getting the emergency calls about it by now. Probably gave her ten minutes or so before the block was swarming with wannabe heroes.

This was why Tsunami was wasting no time flinging a SUV off the road through the glass doors of her target building. An entire intersection was wrecked, no point in stopping momentum now. Helps alleviate the stress from today's stroke of bad luck.

If she had anything to take out of this botched execution, it was discovering some amazing durability to her powers. The density of sugar mixed in with water slowed things down a little, but offered surprising new ways to manipulate it as a weapon. That could be handy knowledge next time mud or beach sand was readily
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Those were a royal pain in her posterior to dispatch. Although that meant this puppy was more a speedy type, and they were just as annoying to catch on the rare occasion they ever stopped.

Fortunately, as she stood back up, the seal caught sight of just what she needed across the room.

"Like I said kid, you're real cute," Tsunami said, feeling glad to see the Cur's ears twitch in irritation to the nickname. She used this drop in guard to slowly incline towards one of the closer lab tables. This made the dog stand back up, but made no move against her. "Especially the part where you think a child in a store brand Halloween costume is the dork that has my number. Normally I'd take you to school on that, but there's probably a whole squad of your 'friends' bearing down on us now. So instead allow me this quick tutorial!"

In one swift motion, Tsunami grabbed the table with one hand and sent it sailing the twenty feet across the room. Lab equipment, boxes, and burners flew everywhere, breaking and even turning on in the process. As expected, the Crimson Cur blinked out of sight right before impact, only wrecking her chair along the intended trajectory. She popped right back in the same spot shortly after, not paying the loud crash behind her any
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